Energy monitoring

Exact. Continuous. Current.

The permanent and long-term recording of readings and their evaluation – energy monitoring – provides a decision-making basis for the most efficient operation possible. 

The effectiveness of monitoring and optimisation measures can only be ensured if the right data is collected and processed into meaningful information. The specialists at Tetrag assess your measurement needs, prioritise them and put together a tailored system and measurement concept.

Building on the system and measurement concept, Tetrag defines the system topology and measurement infrastructure and carries out the necessary programming work. We ensure coordination with other parties involved in the project during the planning stage. The energy monitoring system is set up in accordance with your needs. We supply and install the measurement infrastructure and put it into operation.

Investments in energy control systems are designed for the long term. This makes it all the more important that the recorded data and processed information are of consistent quality. For this reason, we continuously monitor data collection and data quality and always keep the systems in line with the latest developments by regularly updating and upgrading the software. In the event of disruptions to operations or erroneous readings, we will work with your business organisation to introduce intervention measures.



Our range of services

  • Supplying and commissioning the ordered components
  • Evaluating the plausibility of transferred meter data
  • Training the users 
  • System monitoring
  • Monitoring the data of the meters
  • Software maintenance 
  • User support
  • Hotline for problem-solving

Your contact partner

Stephan Tomek
Head Tetrag Automation
Phone: +41 58 474 23 94