Nationwide energy management system - Coop


Tetrag is implementing a nationwide energy management system for more than 800 sales outlets and distribution centres for Coop. This includes a central server infrastructure for condensing the energy data into daily, monthly and annual values. Key figures are also determined on an ongoing basis and comparisons with limit values are carried out.

The project

The system provides the basis for continuous operational optimisation and EnAW reporting.

Services in detail

  • Development of a uniform measurement concept
  • Establishment of the central server infrastructure
  • Equipping sales outlets with control systems and energy data acquisition systems
  • Monitoring of the operation and ensuring a high quality of energy data
  • Development of interfaces to internal processes


  • Uniform measurement concept to ensure comparability of the sites
  • Ensuring a permanently high energy data quality
  • Ensure compatibility of system components over a long period of time (>10 years)
  • Project communication in all national languages


  • With the services it provides, Tetrag makes an essential contribution to achieving the strategic Coop goal of "CO2-neutral by 2023".
  • The energy management system allows Coop's own specifications of energy values to be checked.

Further information

Our goals

  • Creation of transparency regarding energy consumption
  • Compliance with energy efficiency requirements
  • Use of energy data for service charge settlement
  • Comprehensive alarm management for limit values and faults
Location Thiersteineralle
4002 Basel
Status in construction
Construction volume (value of our services) CHF 15 million
Start of construction January 1999
Building owner Coop Total Store, 4002 Basel
Client Coop Total Store, 4002 Basel
Overall management Coop Total Store, 4002 Basel
Project management Tetrag AG
Project author Coop Total Store, 4002 Basel
Site management Coop Total Store, 4002 Basel
Planning Tetrag AG
Number of counters 5000
Number of locations 800


  • Energy data acquisition
  • Operation optimisation
  • Energy monitoring
  • Energy controlling
  • Tetrag