Energy controlling

Efficient. Sustainable. Durable.

Professional energy controlling forms the basis for a continuous process of energy and cost optimisation and ultimately leads to a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Successful energy controlling helps to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions. It shows where action is needed to further increase the efficiency of the building or the technical system. During operation, deviations are automatically detected and quick interventions become possible.

We provide competent advice on the tasks and responsibilities of an energy manager, the level of detail of the measurements or the internal interfaces to systems and processes.

As a cornerstone, we use the e3m system, whose origin lies in the energy controlling system developed by Tetrag since 1998. Since 2010, the products have been successfully distributed throughout Europe by the company OPIT under the name e3m.


  • Development of a catalogue of requirements
  • Analysis and evaluation of existing infrastructure
  • Creation of a measurement concept
  • Mapping of the actual situation to the requirements


Stephan Tomek
Manager Tetrag
Tel: +41 41 544 68 68