Pooled expertise and over 20 years of experience

Tetrag Automation is a total-solution provider with core skills in energy control and over 20 years of experience in the design and technical implementation of systems for the sustainable operation of buildings and facilities. Our services span from individual meter readings to creating the finished energy report. Today, ten employees at Tetrag Automation AG work in the area of energy control and dedicate themselves to your projects every day.



Tetrag Technische Treuhand AG is founded


Tetrag Technische Treuhand AG develops the e3m energy control system


Implenia – a merger of Batigroup and Zschokke – is founded 


Tetrag becomes Tetrag Automation AG and a subsidiary of Implenia 

  • Product rights to the e3m system are sold to OPIT Solutions AG
  • Tetrag becomes one of the independent system integrators


10 years of Implenia